About Siyanqoba


Click on pictures to enlargeI had a vision for Siyanqoba Service Foundation to run in the Honeydew Squatter camp and, in 2002, established it as an NPO, together with a board which is a requirement for a NPO. It did not become immediately operational for several reasons. I approached certain people whom I thought would be able to share in my vision of serving the disadvantaged community. They did not all understand my passion to give and not to receive and this caused dissention. We also had no means of funding our envisaged projects.

While I already had a Marketing Degree from Wits University, I felt the need for personal empowerment to be able to help and understand my beneficiaries. So the Foundation was put on hold and I went to study at the Rhema Bible College as well as doing an HIV and AIDS Counseling Course sponsored by the Health Department.

In June 2006 I lost my job. This was not a disaster but a blessing and a wake up call. I went back to the Honeydew Squatter Camp which had been my original focus for service. I started to connect with people already working among the community so as to be able to move forward with my vision. I also collected around me dedicated volunteers who have become my partners in service.

The vision of Siyanqoba – A non-profit and interdenominational OrganisationSiyanqoba is certified as a non-profit organisation

Our Vision is to instill hope and a sense of purpose to the infected and affected by HIV / AIDS orphans and abused children by establishing a Dream Centre. To have a healthy community and build a better nation in the surrounding area of Honeydew and Zandspruit by 2010 by means of Resource Mobilization.

Our mission statement

“We Care to Care”

* Provision of appropriate nutrition to those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS and abused children.
* Soup Kitchen.
* Awareness campaign about sex education – targeting both youth and learners.
* Counseling & Prayer to those families who have lost their loved ones.
* Food parcels & clothes distribution.
* Community & home based visitation.
* Inter-denominational organisation.
* Project development.
* Self development training / Life skills.
* Job Creation.
* Build a centre.

What we have achieved thus far

  • We run a soup kitchen at the squatter camp every Saturday.
  • We have managed to hand out clothing at least once a month thus far but will probably only be doing this quarterly in 2007. If there is an individual need we will endeavor to assist.
  • We have a contact who has put us in touch with the army for a donation of a tent in which to run the Crèche. We are waiting a response.
  • Every second month we run an Outreach Campaign in the open air not far from the tent in which we run the soup kitchen in the grounds of the future Community Centre in Honeydew. The Campaign focuses on sex education and is assisted by a Pastor.
  • We physically visit the bereaved and the sick and bring them God.

About the Author

I am a born again Christian, widowed with two children and have graduated from Wits with my marketing degree. I also graduated at Rhema Bible college and am still studying further part time. I am studying for my masters degree in theology with Regent University. I am a very simple person and I believe Jesus was at the market places healing and comforting those who were in need. I am trying to do that. I live simple so that others can simply live because I CARE TO CARE. I was lost but now I'm found. I love my Jesus he is the reason I'm doing what I'm doing. I've got a passion for orphans and needy people.