Sponsors’ Gala Dinner

On 19 November 2009 we held a gala dinner to express our gratitude to all of our sponsors over the last year, and to communicate our vision for the year ahead. 2010 promises to be a challenging and exciting year for our country and our mission.

We thank everyone for their commitment so far, and hope and pray that you continue to believe in, and contribute to, our growing ability to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who we can reach.

About the Author

I am a born again Christian, widowed with two children and have graduated from Wits with my marketing degree. I also graduated at Rhema Bible college and am still studying further part time. I am studying for my masters degree in theology with Regent University. I am a very simple person and I believe Jesus was at the market places healing and comforting those who were in need. I am trying to do that. I live simple so that others can simply live because I CARE TO CARE. I was lost but now I'm found. I love my Jesus he is the reason I'm doing what I'm doing. I've got a passion for orphans and needy people.